How it works

Revolving and Bulk limits are a perfect option for businesses that have recurring asset purchase requirements as they reduce the paperwork burdens each time a purchase is made, making the process faster and easier.

Revolving Limits are an agreed credit limit to allow you to finance and acquire assets over an agreed timeframe, without the need to re-apply for credit for each asset.   A revolving limit is evergreen, can be re-drawn, and is subject to an annual review.

Bulk Limits are a shorter term limit that expires after an agreed time period (e.g. six months) and once drawn cannot be re-used. 

Benefits at a glance

  • Can be combined with a Master Agreement, that further reduces the paperwork burden when drawing down a new asset
  • Provides certainty about your capacity to commit to asset purchases, as opportunities arise
  • No line fees for the limit
  • Select a Rental, Lease, Hire Purchase, or Commercial Loan – unless agreed otherwise, the limit is product agnostic