How it works

The BOQ Finance Installation, Import and Construction funding options provide the benefits of a multi-option trade finance facility coupled with the ultimate end-financing solution of the asset.

Our funding options cover the finance of assets and components that either need to be imported from overseas, and/ or require lengthy installation or commissioning work. It is perfect for complex, high value or high tech equipment that require specialist expertise to transform a bunch of components into a working asset – components that are sourced domestically or internationally from reputable suppliers whom require progress payments.

Benefits at a glance

  • Payments can be made to a number of different suppliers, under bespoke purchase terms
  • The financed value can include soft costs such as labour to perform installation work
  • Can allow for headroom on cost overruns
  • Foreign exchange risk hedging
  • Interest rate risk hedging
  • Letters of Credit to avoid advancing your own cash for deposits to suppliers
  • Interest-only during the import and installation phase
  • Seamless conversion to end finance solution options of rental, lease, hire purchase or commercial loan