The Set Up

A significant player in the international fleet management and leasing industry, and a leading provider of salary packaging solutions in the Australian marketplace, was approached to outsource the management of a potential customer’s commercial vehicle fleet (over 100 vehicles).

The Challenge

Maintaining a fleet of this nature requires a significant ongoing investment of capital, time and management focus. Our partner would control all fleet management costs whilst ensuring their customer had access to new vehicles every four years. The complexity of the deal had already caused a prior delay, subsequently postponing an order of vehicles that the customer urgently required.

The BOQ Difference

BOQ Finance proved to be nimble and customer focused. By acting decisively we were able to support our partner’s service proposition. We allowed our partner to use their own contract documents. This ensured a consistent end customer experience whilst building our partners brand and capability. Our swift and accurate responses met the customer’s requirements rather than trying to prescribe a solution that wasn’t in line with their expectations.

The End to End Solution

Our partner now manages all repair and maintenance at a fixed monthly cost, and the end customer has effectively made their business less capital intensive on two counts

  • removed the need to operate a workshop to manage maintenance and repairs;
  • provided a stable, predictable and tax effective monthly expense for the customer’s entire commercial fleet.