Juice Company Uses Solar Power To Be More Energy Efficient

An orchardist and juice company on the banks of the Murray River has improved its business energy efficiency by installing a solar system. The 75kW system allows the business to grow with a modern juicing factory capable of producing more than 2000 litres of juice per hour.

Walter and Winifred Williamson established Kurrnung Citrus, based in Barham in southern New South Wales, 60 years ago. Their son, Philip, and his wife Sandra, developed Kurrnung into a highly productive, 290-acre citrus orchard. In 2012 the family business expanded to include an on-farm processing and bottling plant. The business became ‘The Great Australian Squeeze’, a leading manufacturer and supplier of orange juice.

Harold Clapham of Mainland Finance has worked with Philip Williamson for more than 30 years. He says that Philip wanted to operate his orchard and packing shed using renewable energy. “He made that decision based on the commercial reality of where power prices would be in the future. He was aware of the need to develop an environmentally sustainable business model. But it was also done on the basis that there were significant long-term commercial benefits.”

Philip is very clear that his business operates predominantly from 9am till 5pm. When they arrive at work, they flick on a power switch and when they finish work, they turn it off. Using solar to help power their packing shed and juice factory was a logical step. Their peak power requirements are during the day when the energy generation is at its greatest.

When it came to funding a solar array for the juice factory, Harold and Philip turned to BOQ Finance. “One of the things that we have found with BOQ, is that they have the best understanding of rural lending of any of the Australian-based banks at the moment,” says Harold.

The project was financed through BOQ’s Energy Efficient Equipment Finance program. It accesses Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) finance to offer a 0.7 per cent discount on BOQ Finance's standard equipment finance rate for loans for eligible clean energy investments.

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